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The Law Offices of Anthony J. Fabian, P.C. handles all criminal defense related matters in Colorado and Federal court.

A member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Tony Fabian has devoted his practice to representing individuals accused of crimes. His practice includes defending against adult and juvenile felony and misdemeanor charges such as domestic violence cases, robbery, assault, resisting arrest, DUI arrest, and drug possession cases. Mr. Fabian also has extensive expertise in the areas of probation cases and civil restraining orders. He aggressively represents clients in all courts throughout the state of Colorado.

Below are examples of criminal offenses contained in the Colorado Penal Code. Additional criminal offenses are listed in other Colorado and Federal statutes.

      Criminal Defense Attorney ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO

Alcohol Code Violations
Boating Under the Influence
Driving Under the Influence
Open Container
Underage Possession or Consumption
Public Intoxication
Underage Sale/Purchase of Tobacco

Criminal Defense Attorney ANIMAL CRUELTY

Cruelty to Animals
Animal Fighting
Dangerous Animal
Interference With Police Service Animals

Criminal Defense Attorney ASSAULT

First, Second or Third Degree Assault
Vehicular Assault
Reckless Endangerment
Child Abuse
Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
Domestic Violence
At-Risk Adults

Criminal Defense Attorney CONSPIRACY AND

Criminal Conspiracy
Criminal Attempt
Criminal Solicitation
Accessory to Crime

Criminal Defense Attorney DESTRUCTION OF

First, Second, Third or Fourth Degree Arson
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Tampering
Defacing or Destruction of Written Instruments
Defacing, Destroying or Removing Landmarks, Monuments or Accessories
Defacing Property
Defacing Posted Notice
Abandonment of a Motor Vehicle
Criminal Use of Noxious Substance
Criminal Operation of a Device in Motion Picture Theater

Criminal Defense Attorney DISTURBING THE PEACE

First, Second or Third Degree Criminal Trespass
Disorderly Conduct
Disrupting Lawful Assembly
Obstructing Highway or Other Passageway
Inciting Riot
Violation of Restraining/Protective Order
Interference with Educational Institution Personnel
Desecration of Venerated Object
Hindering Transportation
Endangering Public Transportation
Throwing Missiles at Vehicles
Vehicular Eluding
Refusal to Leave Premises Upon Lawful Order
Hate Crimes


Criminal Defense Attorney FRAUD

Use of Forged Academic Record
Criminal Possession of Forged Instrument
Criminal Possession of Forgery Devices
Criminal Simulation
Trademark Counterfeiting
Unlawful Use of Slugs
Criminal Impersonation
Offering False Instrument of Recording
Inducing Consumption of Controlled Substance by Fraudulent Means
Unlawful Possession of Personal Identifying Information
Theft of Personal Identifying Information
Gathering Personal Identifying Information by Deception
Fraud by Check
Defrauding a Secured Creditor or Debtor
Purchase on Credit to Defraud
Dual Contracts to Induce a Loan
Issuing False Financial Statement
Obtaining Financial Transaction Device by False Statement
Fraud in Effecting Sales
Bait Advertising
False Statements as to Circulation
Altering Identification Number
Rigging Public Contest
Failure to Pay Over Assigned Account
Concealment or Removal of Secured Property
Failure to Pay Over Proceeds
Fraudulent Receipt
Unauthorized Use of Financial Transaction Device
Criminal Possession of Financial Transaction Device
Fraudulent Sale/Possession of Financial Transaction Device
Unlawful Manufacture of Financial Transaction Device
Equity Skimming
Computer Crime


Criminal Defense Attorney GAMBLING

Gambling Promotion
Keeping a Gambling Place
Possession of Gambling Device, Equipment, or Paraphernalia

     Criminal Defense Attorney KIDNAPPING

First or Second Degree Kidnapping
False Imprisonment
Violation of Custody
Enticement of a Child
Harboring a Minor

Criminal Defense Attorney MURDER AND HOMICIDE

Abuse of Corpse
Aiding Suicide
First or Second Degree Murder
Criminally Negligent Homicide
Vehicular Homicide
Criminal Abortion

Criminal Defense Attorney OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE

Misuse of Official Information
Official Misconduct
False Swearing
Bribing a Witness
Tampering with a Witness
Bribing a Juror
Intimidating a Juror
Jury Tampering
Evidence Tampering
Bribing Witness/Victim
Intimidating Witness/Victim
Retaliation against Witness/Juror
Violation of Restraining Order
Violation of Protection Order
Hazardous Waste

Criminal Defense Attorney PORNOGRAPHY AND 

Trafficking in Children
Sexual Exploitation of Children
Procurement of Child for Sexual Exploitation
Soliciting for Prostitution
Keeping a Place of Prostitution
Patronizing a Prostitute
Promoting Sexual Immorality
Pandering of a Child
Procurement of a Child
Inducement of Child Prostitution
Displaying/Providing Pornography
to Children

Criminal Defense Attorney POSSESSION OR DELIVERY
           OF CONTROLLED

Drug Paraphernalia
Prescription Drugs
Prohibited Substances in Correctional Facility
Prescription Fraud

Criminal Defense Attorney SEX OFFENSES

Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault on a Child
Sexual Assault on a Client
Failure to Register as Sex Offender
Indecent Exposure
Public Indecency

Criminal Defense Attorney STALKING


Criminal Defense Attorney THEFT

First, Second or Third Degree Burglary
Possession of Burglary Tools
Aggravated Robbery
Theft of Rental Property
Theft of Trade Secrets
Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft
Theft by Receiving
Theft of Medical Records
Theft by Resale of Lift Ticket or Coupon
Theft of Sound Recordings
Theft of Cable Service
Theft of Public Transportation Services
Fuel Piracy
Newspaper Theft

Criminal Defense Attorney WEAPONS

Illegal Weapon
Defaced Firearm
Unlawful Concealed Weapon
Concealed Weapon on School Grounds
Prohibited Use of Weapon
Illegal Use of Stun Gun
Illegal Discharge of Weapon
Possession of Weapon by Previous Offender
Possession of Handgun by Juvenile
Providing Handgun to Juvenile
Possession Explosive/Incendiary Device
Unlawful Purchase of Firearms

     Criminal Defense Attorney INVASION OF PRIVACY

Criminal Invasion of Privacy
Abuse/Obstruction of Telephone Service

Criminal Defense Attorney INTERFERING WITH AN

Failure to Appear
Violation of Bail Bond
Escape or Aiding Escape
Obstructing Government Operations
Resisting Arrest
Obstructing Peace Officer, Firefighter or Rescue Personnel
Refusal to Permit Inspection
Refusal to Aid Peace Officer
Concealing Death
False Reporting
Impersonating Peace Officer
Impersonating Public Servant
Abuse of Public Records
Disarming a Peace Officer
Introducing Contraband
Possession of Contraband
Holding Hostages

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